Igeria & Ngugi is a corporate commercial law firm established in 1997, bringing together some of the most competent attorneys in Kenya. The Firm serves local, regional and international clientelle, following the “global standards, local understanding” mantra.

With over 20 years of operation, we’ve developed a comprehensive diversity and inclusive strategy that enables us to harness the talents of our advocates, achieving the best for our clients within the firm’s mutual core values.

Igeria & Ngugi is not just your legal partner, we understand the art of law, and in practice, your solutions starts here.


  • Vision

    Our vision is to “Be the preferred corporate commercial law firm in the region and to acquire like -minded global partnerships”

  • Mission

    We are on a mission to “Provide solution-oriented legal services that add value to our clients and their businesses.”

  • Values

    At I&N Advocates, our belief is your promise. In fulfillment thereof, we have aligned our values towards:

    • Commitment to competent service enveloped in excellence.
    • Upholding integrity in all areas of our operation and engagement.
    • Investing in authentic leadership growth for all our employees.
    • Upholding healthy client relationships through diversity.
    • Supporting and promoting social justice for the poor and/or marginalized



Mr. Njoroge has a mind for representing clients with unmatched fervour and devotion. His has a bourgeoning interest in aviation law that was recently sparked by his involvement with the Ethiopian airlines case. He is an accomplished arbitrator in our chambers and an effective problem solver within the law. David’s desire for diversity and passion to law have propelled him to the heights of partner and he strives to help make I&N a global brand.

David  believes that technology and law should be linked more intricately to make court proceedings and all else mesh with ease. In these efforts he has been heavily engaged in the building of WakiliCMS.

Senior Partner

Mr. Igeria has practiced law for over 30 years in the areas of civil litigation, conveyancing, commercial law, arbitration and mediation. Besides being a very highly accomplished lawyer, he is highly skilled in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms.

Appointed by H.E the President of Kenya, he chairs the Nairobi Center for International Arbitration, and has a good track record with arbitration and mediation matters, resolving cases that had lagged in courtrooms for many years.

An avid bike enthusiast, Mr Igeria will wow you with his Saxophone skills, bellowing smooth chimes, that compliment his calm demeanor.

Managing Partner

With close to two decades of practice, Mr. Ngugi has expertise in litigation and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration.

Among other areas of law, Mr. Ngugi practices Corporate & Commercial Law, Contract Law, Property and Real estate law, Tax Law and leads Igeria & Ngugi’s Corporate Commercial Practice Group.

Mr “Mt. Kilimanjaro”, Benson loves the outdoors, experiencing it with extensive hiking, mountaineering and recreational running. He also enjoys the occasional CrossFit challenge.


Intellectual Property Law

We understand the importance of protecting IP Rights in corporate practice. Our professional attorneys have unmatched experience & skills in protecting the rights of those who develop & design original works.

Civil Litigation & Alternive Dispute Resolution

Igeria & Ngugi provides the best standards for commercial litigation and ADR. The firm’s arbitration attorneys have the required expertise to reach authoritative settlements and judgements.

Banking & Finance Securities

The firm has a dedicated team with expertise in preparation, facilitation, management and perfection of banking securities.

Tax Law

Igeria & Ngugi assists companies in aligning their tax practice to relevant tax laws, benefiting from our technical and deep expertise and in-depth local knowledge.

Contracts & Risk Management

We pride ourselves in keeping abreast with the current business practices to then efficiently advice, draft, review, manage and resolve disputes in contracts.

Property Transfers

With a combined 40 yrs of experience, we pride ourselves in great expertise in successfully handling the sale and purchase of property.

Labour & Employment Law

We provide professional services to employers and workers, keen to prevent, resolve and in address a myriad of issues connected to employer-employee relationship.

Legal Audit & Compliance

In recent years, we have identified a need for corporate legal audits, over and above the accounting audits.

Property Development

I&N Advocates has acquired expertise in financing and structuring commercial and residential building developments.

Public Interest Litigation

Igeria & Ngugi prides itself in being a champion for human rights, applying court processes to advance the causes of minorities and marginalized groups, in matters of public concern.

Immigration Support Services

In addition to general advice, consultancy and guidance on the legal status of persons, we offer advisory, consultancy and support services in procuring work permits, dependent & special passes, alien cards as well as other regulatory documentation such as tax PINs.

Landlord-Tenant Relationship

We provide legal solutions in drafting, reviewing, advisory and guidance with respect to commercial lease agreements, private leases, tenancy agreements and licensing agreements.

Debt Recovery

We formulate debt recovery packages, tailor-made for each client and case, in an effort to recover debt for various sectors, from those in the financial sector to international companies.

Company Secretarial Services

Igeria & Ngugi offers secretarial services such as incorporation of private, foreign or subsidiaries business entities, trusts, societies & NGOs.

Probate & Administration and Drafting of Wills

While maintaining utmost confidentiality, our attorneys offer specialized services to those considering to plan their estates

“There is an orderliness in the universe,”

there is an unalterable law governing everything and every being that exists or lives. It is no blind law;

for no blind law can govern the conduct of living beings.

Mahatma Gandhi